White Elephant CBD Hemp Ideas

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

Small Gift Ideas for White Elephant Parties!

The gift giving season is upon us and it is an exciting time to celebrate old traditions, such as the classic Secret Santa and White Elephant parties.

White Elephant Gift Exchange is a holiday game played with anyone from family members to co-workers at your job. It is played when each person in brings one gift to a holiday gathering and everyone randomly chooses their own gift! There are a couple rules to the game – the person who chooses a gift can choose to receive someone’s gift that is already open or choose a new unopened gift. If the present is selected from another player, that player will be empty-handed and be the next person to select a gift. This game is very fun for all participants!

If you’ve invited to a white elephant party, you may not know what to bring, so let me suggest a fantastic idea!

Hemp Products

The popularity of hemp flower and hemp-derived products has sky-rocketed in the United States! So, what better gift to give then hemp products. Hemp lacks the THC component found in marijuana plants, therefore, does not allow users to feel “high.” Hemp is found in most products today, such as skin care products, oils, gummies, and capsules. There are so many benefits of using hemp and can make a really great gift!

The most common use of hemp includes acting as a sleep aid and relieving symptoms of anxiety and depression. Hemp can be smoked or ingested to provide an immediate feeling of relaxation. In addition, hemp-derived skin care products are a great alternative to pharmaceutical medications that have many side effects.

For this holiday season, we recommend giving hemp flower as a gift. This form of CBD is perfect for both new and seasoned hemp product users!

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